Terms of Service

The following terms of service may be updated at any time. It is the user's responsibility to avail themselves of changes to these rules.

We, Matador Cloud, will operate the Matador grid, a standard Tahoe-LAFS grid. We will endeavor to ensure availability, confidentiality, and integrity for data uploaded to the grid. In return, we request that users be courteous with their grid usage.

For technical reasons, we may choose to destroy data on storage servers occasionally. In particular, we may choose to enable Tahoe-LAFS garbage collection, or rotate servers geographically, and since we are unable to read user data, we cannot tell whether old data is still used. Therefore, we request that users be responsible for verifying and repairing their own data as needed. To ease this burden, we provide live grid status information, including information about storage server rotation and garbage collection.

The following kinds of data may not be uploaded to the Matador grid. If we discover this kind of data on the grid, we may choose to remove it: