Matador Cloud

Matador is a cloud offering with a fun twist compared to other cloud storage providers. Unlike most cloud storage, Matador offers a simple essential security guarantee: nobody can read any given file on Matador's servers without a short string called a readcap. Only the user who uploaded the file initially has the readcap, but the readcap can be given to anybody with whom the user wishes to share.

How does Matador do this? Under the hood, Matador uses a storage system called Tahoe-LAFS to store your data. When a user uploads a file, the file is encrypted and split into many pieces. The readcap holds the key and the location of the pieces and can retrieve the file at any time.

Are you ready to get started with Matador? Read the Terms of Service and then point your Tahoe-LAFS client at an introducer from the introducer list to get started!

Supporting Matador

We offer several services alongside the grid, like helpers and HTTP gateways.

Some folks have indicated a desire to contribute money without purchasing services, and so we also have a Patreon account.

In addition to these services, Matador Cloud is available for Tahoe-LAFS consultancy. We also offer business-to-business solutions, including private pens, containing a private Tahoe-LAFS grid, Web gateways, monitoring, and more. Please contact us for details.